We make all your Utility billing needs simple


               Accurately Bill Your Tenants

Tenants are accurately billed and invoiced using rate schedules and line items published by your local energy utility. As prevailing rates change, your tenant bill will automatically reflect updated rate, tax and time of use (TOU) charges.


         Energy and Water Compliance

Many state and local municipalities have introduced benchmarking ordinances for reporting energy and water usage for buildings over a certain size. We can automate this process.


      Tenant Bill Solar Revenue Share

Install solar and provide power to tenants at a discount rate. We make Commercial non-owner occupied solar possible.


How Does It Work?

Install Tenant Bill Solution

Tenant Bill measures your tenants actual usage and provides an online portal for tenants to see current usage, pay via multiple methods, and billing history. The owner portal provides details of tenants billing, works with most accounting systems. 

We Bill Tenants

 We bill your tenants online, allowing them to pay online through our portal. We take out our small fee and ACH the payment to you. 


Saving Time and Money

Whether saving your accountant valuable time re-billing your tenants for Utilities. Trying to get your tenants to report energy usage for compliance. Our services are priceless.

Solar Revenue Sharing

Install Solar or Wind Renewable Energy

If you already have renewable energy onsite great your already ahead of the curve. You only have one more step to make your green investment pay for itself. If you are still researching renewable energy alternatives contact us and we can enable you to get a return on your investment in as little as 18 months.

We Take Care of the Rest


Your tenants use energy and Tenant Bill accurately bills them using revenue grade meters. We provide more information than local utilities and an online portal for reporting and payment. We handle everything including and tenant questions or issues. The tenant pays actual local rates varies ($.10 – .59 kWh) while the renewable energy production is about .06 kWh. We have attained ROI in under 18 months. 

Electric and Water Benchmark Reporting

California Assembly Bill “AB 802” is a new, statewide “Energy Benchmarking” and disclosure law, replacing the previous bill, AB 1103. It requires buildings over 50,000 sq. ft. to report their energy usage on an annual basis to the California Energy Commission (CEC) via the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager software.

Compliance for commercial buildings began June 1, 2018. Compliance for multi-family buildings began June 1, 2019. 

Contact us and let us simplify the process for you.


We can help with any compliance or reporting your local government requires. 






Featured Installations

Leichtag Foundation Encinitas California

Leichtag Commons leases out 900,000 square feet of greenhouse space to a diverse array of innovative agricultural and horticultural tenants. Citizen farmers & social entrepreneurs nourish and nurture community alongside these commercial farmers. Tenant Bill provides Electric and Water utility billing saving Leichtag the cost of running dedicated utilities to bill greenhouse tenants for their utility usage fairly and accurately. 

Chiquita Banana Refrigerated Storage

Tenant Bill provided the solution that enabled the installation of a solar energy system, turning idle-assets into meaningful value for all parties. Per the amended lease, the tenant would approve the installation of solar and agree to purchase all of the electricity generated over the lease term. In exchange, the Owner would pay for 100% of the roof investment, as well as deliver the solar electricity to the tenant at a discounted price. Property owner’s ROI in <18 months.

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